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Can you imagine a company without having a well-set product distributional support system? In this modern era, companies need to manage their strong supply chain & distribution networks to stay alive in the market. According to customer segmentation & various needs, we have to bring the latest as well as trending products to serve your customers. If we can’t make this, we will lag behind in this competitive market.

If your business depends on export or imported products, you need to increase your capacity to circulate your products among your end customers. Also, both B2B & B2C-based businesses & their profitability highly depend on their responsiveness to their customers’ demand.

When you are searching for such solutions, Global Unitrade BD Ltd can be the best companions of yours. Global Unitrade BD Ltd is one of the most trusted companies with all types of products’ import-related solutions. As a registered company in Bangladesh for years, we are constantly providing seamless services. We have also successfully served various organizations with our world-class products and services. Moreover, Global Unitrade BD Ltd. we have successfully set our footprints in various other sectors too. Uemart is such a venture which is focusing an online marketplace with lots of amenities.

Since we know lots of businesses rely on high-performing distributional approaches specially for SMEs. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a fundamentally important role in our economy. If we can ensure the full support to dispatch the products to their desired destination, it’s reassuring to see that the future looks bright. So, for SME to large manufacturing companies, we can provide you high-quality logistics services to distribute your products according to your target market, zone or area. When we work for any company, we take full responsibility to ensure better services.

Opportunities to sell goods overseas are increasing all the time, as even the smallest business increasingly trade online, meaning that physical size or location is no longer a barrier to doing business internationally. So, in these circumstances, Global Unitrade can provide all types of support being your authentic distributor for your product. We have also worked with national & international companies to keep their product distribution work functional & vibrant. We take privilege in owning and operating various reputed ventures of Bangladesh like Solar Electro Bangladesh Limited, SEBL Distribution Limited, SEBL Footwear Limited, SEBL Properties Limited, Dewan Traders, Deal Bazaar, Quick Fix, DX360, DX Tel Limited, DX Pharma, Rio Food & Beverage Limited, and many more upcoming businesses.

Honesty & integrity are the main principles of our service to ensure 100% client satisfaction. So, we operate our distributional works following industrial ethics, guidelines & the country’s trading laws. While working with you we will update you at every step regarding pricing, timelines, and other details. Also, we have dedicated teams to serve you with great professionalism so that we can get the service with perfections staying in your comfort zone.

So, if you want to know more about our services, you are cordially requested to send your quotation according to your requirements. You can also write to your email or directly contact us via phone call. Besides, you can inbox us on our Facebook page.

General Distribution Items Of Bangladesh

Frozen Foods
Home Textile
Leather Goods
Ship Building
Jute Goods