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As we know that Export plays a vital role to ensure our economic sustainability for economic growth & development of the country. It is called the lifeline for the economic growth & development of the country. For decades, our country has been exporting various kinds of Machinery, Ceramics, Home Textile, RMG products, Leather goods, Medicine, agro-based goods, processed food, Tea, Crafts, Light Engineering products, etc. Now lots of industries have come & rapidly they are trying to meet the requirements of increasing extra demands in the market with international standards.

Also, our SME industries are growing & lots of entrepreneurs come with innovational products which can now ensure the trust of foreign buyers. Selling into larger markets helps to boost productivity to create economic of scale which assist to reduce cost & increase efficiency. Global Unitrade BD Ltd can be the best solution to uplift your business & brand globally. It will be helpful to increase your business mostly the export-import & distributional business even better than ever. For B2B or B2C business, we are the trustworthy expert & certified service provider with proven qu alities & huge experiences.

Since our country has been focusing more to grow economically profitable crops & agro commodities products for foreign currency. If you are doing business in the agro market, small, medium industries, or producing products on large scale, we have the facilities for sectors for exporting your products. Moreover, the state-run Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has primarily identified as part of ODOP Program under Ministry of commerce 14 products that include organic tea of Panchagarh, crab of Khulna, Nakshikantha of Faridpur, handloom products of Tangail, clay tiles of Shatkhira, pineapple of Khagrachhari, betel leaf of Chuadanga and Hilsa fish of Bhola. In addition, our best solutions in exporting products give so many benefits for our local manufacturers as well as SMEs. From village to town, now your products get branded & shipped globally with the proud title ‘Made in Bangladesh’.

As a registered company in Bangladesh for years, we are constantly providing seamless services. We have also successfully served various organizations with our world-class products and services. We know that The ministry of commerce program & Export promotion Bureau (EPB) jointly working to develop diversified products, extended export Basket. To increase more demand for different products, we are trying to make a sustainable & trustworthy environment for long term export facilities.

Though our general export items of Bangladesh Garments, Ceramics, Frozen Foods, Home Textile, Leather Goods, Foods, Fruits, Medicine, Bicycle, Ship Building, Handicrafts, Jute Goods, Vegetable, Tea, Potteries &, etc, we are also focusing on Potential GI Products such as Jamdani, Hilsa fish, and Khirsapat mango as GI products of Bangladesh. We are also exporting Rajshahi silk, Kataribhog rice of Dinajpur, Kaligira rice of Bangladesh, Shatranji carpet of Rangpur, and white clay of Bijoypur in Netrakona, Crafts (Jute, Hogla, and Date leaves), etc. Moreover, we are exporting various Fruits (mango, jackfruit, litchi, blackberry, pineapple, banana, palm fruit, coconut, guava, lotkon and watermelon), Snacks, Processed food, Grocery (Mustard oil, Dry cake, Chinigura rice, special toast, Biscuit, Chips, etc) & Commodity (Mustard oil, Black seed oil, Coconut oil), etc. It will also help you to establish your brand in Asia, Europe even globally. Also, we can support you if you need any distributional works too.

We strongly believe in quality service. So, we have highly skilled teams to serve you always so that you can get the best customer experience. Also, we have strong logistics support which can ensure the lead time & can easily hand over your product within a short time.

We have strong connections with various organizations, companies, vendors globally. So, we can guide you to ensure your position in the global competitive markets with your quality products.

We follow all types of international guidelines, commercial & shipping laws, and compliance in exporting products. So, we do not have to face any hassle at any stage. We have strong connections with various logistic service providing companies so that we can provide any types of shipping arrangements. Even, for any urgent cases, we can also provide air freight if you need it.

Moreover, we have a close liaison with C&F agents for goods clearances along with customs formalities, coordination & manage all shipping-related activities. So, it will reduce the complexity to ship the product within the short lead time. Also, we strictly maintain international standards & guidelines. So, you can stay hassle-free.

For all types of queries, you can easily get to know the information from our service team.

So, if you are looking for product export-related service, call us at 01313-438899 or write us your quotations at globalunitradebdltd@gmail.com

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